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Quote: “I’m still feeling like crap. My headache is gone, but I’m exhausted and bloated (bloated for the first time in four weeks). So I have three theories about my symptoms:
-I could be having a reaction to dairy (my greek yogurt is organic cow’s milk — which I thought was ok to have as long as it’s only in greek yogurt and kefir)
-The beneficial bacteria in the greek yogurt could be causing a die-off reaction
-I may be intolerant to stevia (is that possible?)”

Any of the above could be the cause of why you feel as well as the bloating, although feeling like crap and being bloated are both fairly common with both Candida and die-off symptoms. You might try changing one of those at a time to see if your symptoms change afterwards.

Quote: “I’m thinking probably a three-day juice fast. Is this a good idea? And would I keep taking the antifungals and probiotic if I do?”

I see no problem with a three-day juice fast. I would continue the antifungals and probiotic as well. There’s a possibility of more die-off reactions with the juice fast. Are you planning to obtain the Molybdenum to lessen the die-off stress Рor do you already have it?