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Hello, Deanna, welcome to the forum. The answers to your questions are below.

1. Should I go ahead and take the last two doses of Diflucan while I am on the cleanse? After two weeks of eating this way, I added 8 Tbs of coconut oil. Week 4 (this week) – I added NutriBiotic GSE (can I just say YUCK) 10 drops in water 2x’s a day

You’re not exactly on the cleanse any longer since you’ve added another antifungal (GSE) in addition to the coconut oil, but you were on the cleanse long enough. Other than possibly coconut oil, antifungals aren’t added until the cleanse is completed since they add more toxins to your body for it to eliminate.

2. What is causing me to gag on the coconut oil?

Probably the terrible taste; most of us did the same. You may or may not get used to it; I didn’t, but you can accept that you need to take it all the same.

3. Should I eliminate the beet greens, sauerkraut, fennel and black olives until after I start the strict diet? So after all this, I thought I would be past the cleanse. Unfortunately, I still am still dealing with mild constipation, oral thrush and acne on my neck. So my theory is that once I am able to get my digestion working and my constipation, thrush and acne cleared up, then I would move on to the diet phase and start adding in the probiotics. To be honest, I am scared to add protein due to my digestion and constipation issues. But I am craving meat in a big bad way!

You need to be on the diet and obtaining more nutrients. Constipation is normal, in fact so is diarrhea when you have a Candida infestation and are treating it. Don’t let this keep you from obtaining the food and nutrients you need during this time.
As the Candida are destroyed, the toxins are released into your body, this will cause die-off effects which can be in the form of acne as well as mouth thrush. What I’m saying is, you may continue to have these for a few months to come so you can’t wait for them to clear up before you start the diet.

You asked for the strict diet earlier and have it now, so just follow it as it’s written and you’ll be on the right path. Add some organic eggs for protein and forget about meat; make the oat bran bread recipe in the recipe section as well since it can probably help with constipation.

Also, read the following link for the acceptable remedies for constipation.

Let us know if you have other questions.