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raster wrote: Hello Newday,

I cheated pretty bad after 4 months on the diet when I travelled to LA. I stuck as close to the diet as possible (yogurt daily, chicken/rice as frequently as possible, salads, etc). I cheated for about 7 days and even ate a slice of apple pie, hot dog, etc. It won’t set you back that much…just the week you cheated plus a few days on top of it.

I am happy to hear about your success going to a naturopath. I would consider trying out acupuncture to treat your constipation; it can really help normalize your bowel movements.

A few supplements to consider:

1)SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne; great long term antifungal that prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes.
2)Cod liver oil: Great anti-inflammatory, if you get fermented CLO its even better stuff (more expensive).
3)Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids): has anti-allergy properties.
4)Miracle fiber (aka inulin): contains FOS and heals the gut, helps with constipation.
5)Chamomile tea: Antifungal and peps you up like caffeine if steeped longer than 8 mins.
6)Bitters: Helps constipation and digestion, heals the gut.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Raster et al!I am ordering SF722 tablets today. do take the vitaminc c with boflavanoids and do try do take the sweedish bitters but I have to say I H-A-T-E it! But if t helps I wll try and be more consstent. I live in Cod country so I will check that out!

Question about your cheats.How many weeks in were you? Did you get leaky gut symptoms, pain or other symptoms? Did you drink any alcohol? I was looking into potato vodka or skinny girl margaritas made with blue agave tequila or something like that (5 g sugar per serving). Any thoughts? Would a few serving run my nght you think??? I’m only planning on getting marred once and so I woudl hate to spend teh not bloated, full of gas with a budda belly and hives to boot…