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NewDay wrote: Hi All,

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d post some good news for a change.

So I have finally found a doctor and a naturopath! Both have been great. I have been continuing with this program but also adding in some additionals tools as well. I took 7 days of Diflucan which has helped ease my oral thrush and hives. I have been taking one diflucan a week since. Also, my naturopath suggested I eliminate eggs, nightshades and yogurt and slack back on the buckwheat to heal my stomach from potential allergy and inflammation sources. So far so good. I also have been taken glutamine to heal my stomach and the usual antifungals and probiotics.

So far I rarely ever get a hive, my vaginal yeast is none existant with the exception being around period time, my oral thrush is under control but not gone, my stomach rarely bloats or hurts, gas is only occassional, my cough has vanished!!!! One problem I am still battling with is constipation. I still am having to do enema’s every 2 to 3 days. When I do enema’s, there is ALOT of yeast that is expeled. This tells me I am still a while a way from being cured.

My wedding is in July and I pray that I will be healed enough by that point that I can enjoy a little cake, a drink and the food. Even more, I pray I am able to eat a greater variety of foods so that I do not have to cancel our Honeymoon!!! We are paying a lot of money and I just know that if I cannot eat anything there or enjoy an occassional drink it just may not be worth the expense right now. My Fiance would be sooo disapointed. My fingers are crossed!

I would love to hear any suggestions anyone has on ways of expediting my healing and to hear about experiences with cheating on the diet with sugar and alcohol. I am trying to figure out if it is worth risking even attempting anything on my wedding day if it will make me bloated, have hives or be sick.


You have no idea what the enemas are helping you. Don’t stop them if you want speed with your recover. The only way to pass that amount of infection out is with the enemas.
I do them using Nystatin powder or plain water. They are helped me like nothing.