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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Because of the progress you have made thus far, I really believe that everything will be fine as far as your infestation and the pregnancy are concerned. When you have a chance, you might consider doing a search on the forum for any posts made by the user name “Hope” and the search word “pregnancy.” Hope was pregnant throughout her treatment and did remarkably well considering that she also suffered through a few UTI’s during the latter part of her pregnancy.

I have given up all supplements except probiotics, prenatals,calcium pills and synthroid for my thyroid.

The items mentioned above are of course all fine to take even if you are pregnant. The only thing I can see that could be changed is adding coconut oil. Coconut oil is used world-wide by pregnant women, and I see only benefits from using it instead of problems. Of course, there’s no need to take the large amounts that were required during the worst of the infestation, but rather an average, reasonable amount on a daily basis. The oil will be a plus to the pregnancy as well as to continuing your treatment on a milder course during your pregnancy. Remember that virgin coconut oil is an all-natural product with virtually no side effects unless one is beginning the treatment against a large Candida overgrowth; this is no longer you. Also, in some countries such as Thailand, the first solid food that an infant receives is usually softened meat from a coconut. VCO also prevents infectious diseases because it contains beneficial amounts of lauric acid which are shown to strengthen the immune system which would be beneficial to any pregnancy. In addition to these benefits, lauric acid is also the main component of human breast milk. Taking VCO while pregnant can help to ensure that a mother will have lots of milk for the baby if she chooses to breast feed.

I do not know what to eat that is best for me and baby.

In regards to the statement above; you may think you don’t know what to eat for the health of the baby as well as yourself, but you do know what ‘junk food’ is and you know that it can’t possibly be good for you or the baby, right?
The only thing I suggest in addition to eggs and healthy vegetables and breads for your diet is adding coconut milk; coconut milk contains more calcium than even cow’s milk.
Also, specific types of fish and organic chicken on a fairly regular basis. The Food and Drug Administration as well as the Environmental Protection Agency have stated that pregnant women can safely eat up to 12 ounces of seafood a week, but this amount can be increased if the fish you eat is specifically those with “Certified Purity” and “Sustainable Sustenance” from well-managed wild fisheries and certified by the State of Alaska, the Marine Stewardship. The fish you choose could include wild salmon, shrimp, crab, Pollock, cod, tilapia, herring and sardines.

Remember that pregnant or lactating women need a higher calorie and complex carbohydrate intake, so you’ll want to increase those amounts in any way possible (other than junk food, of course). You can raise your carbohydrate intake by increasing various vegetables and the breads shown in the recipe section of the forum. You might also consider adding dried beans to your diet occasionally for additional healthy carbs.

My very best wishes to you and your baby.