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piratesauce wrote: I woke up today extremely weak, and then got more and more nausea until i was about to vomit, but i didn’t and broke out into a cold sweat.

I have been doing the low carb diet for a week, while taking antifungals as well. Is this a good sign that it’s working, or is it low blood sugar from not eating any carbs? Would it be smart or foolish at this point to eat a little bread?

Did you follow Ables and rasters diet here on the forum?

If yes, than you have die-offs. BUT the diet here in the forum is not low carbs, its low sugar and that is a difference. I did the same mistake and learned.

Here stick to this list and DONT eat bread as you feed the Candida it will not help you. I did that and Able told me that its not that I lack sugar in my blood. I then went over to a neighbour who is diabetic and had my blood checked, I felt like you but the blood sugar was ok. So, I know that die-off can really mess a person up for a while. Now for 3 days I feel great.

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