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oneflyride;49465 wrote: Ok so I’m feeling mildly dehydrated today and yesterday I had was pretty badly dehydrated . I think I’m retaining a lot of fluid and Can’t seem to pee enough/properly, even though I’m drinking plenty of water ( sipping slowly ) – What may be the reason? I’m also mildly constipated ..

My breakfast consisted of one celery and cucumber juice ,one hard boiled egg with some green leafy vegetables , a goat milk yogurt kefir, and later a bit of tomatoes. I ate some broccoli and artichokes for dinner.

Any suggestions?

I’m drinking between 1-2 gallons of water per day. Plus decaff coffee with almond milk. I get the same things going on but chalk it up to my liver not up to par y-e-t. When I get too uncomfortable with bloating or constipation I use a coffee enema and drink Ultima Replenish before, during and after the enema.