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We are taking our girl off of the Kefir for the moment, and using a Natren Probiotic powder with applesauce.

We are considering a longer brew time for the next kefir round. But we must adjust our process it seems. The current method is a two day brew. Perhaps simply reduce sugar amount? The stronger the brew, the more sour the taste, and the more loose my stools… heh. But when I travel I am without the kefir so I haven’t the ability to deal with the stronger concoctions.

Should we double down and use both Acidophilus powder as well as the kefir?

Also, should we eliminate water/sugar keifer and use the dairy or yogurt keifir, I read that lactose is not digestible by the majority of Candida strains, while sucrose, glucos, fructose, and galactose they love to eat.