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Here is a good basic recipe for water kefir

I have heard testimonials of folks just using basic sugar and water and having success.

Key points

The water must not have clorine. So most tap water is out. If you use tap water then boil it and let it cool. Never put your grains in boiling water. Also add a tiny bit of baking soda. like a tiny pinch per quart. Or you can boil a egg shell in the water and leave in. This brings back minerals to your water which the kefir grains thrive on. I just go get the 1 gallon jugs of mineral water. I spend 12 bucks and it last my quite awhile.

Kefir grains prefer raw natural sugar but will still ferment with processed sugar. If you give them what they perfer they give you back more grains and better quality.

No metals unless its stainless steel for a strainer. Plastic leaches into liquids so I reccomend to use glass.

the recipe I got was like the one in the video just make sure if you use lemon that if it’s not organic to remove the skin so no pesticides are introduced to your kefir.

SKG= Sugar Kefir Grains. He uses this term for water kefir grains. They are one and the same.