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Oh Thomas.

You completely misinterpret me.

I’ve acknowledged Able’s knowledge and kindness in sharing it. All I am saying is that there is a NICER way of delivering his advice! And no need to get his back up if someone dares to question it!

The original poster of this thread didn’t refer to anyone as ‘simple’ as Able claimed. When it was pointed out, Able passes it off as a ‘joke’ and then claims we have no sense of humour.

Th Overeaters Anonymous lady didn’t do anything wrong so to label her as selfish and childish is cruel. She may not have liked what Able had to say (I’m not about to argue that one) but instead of just shrugging and walking away, she was attacked with nasty, rude posts calling her selfish. She clearly said she considered OA for her sugar addiction issues, not because of overeating. Do you know her? no! Are you experts on depression, or overeating, or addiction? Maybe you have experiences in that yourself I don’t know, but it doesn’t make you professionals. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. If you can’t relate to how someone is feeling, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO POST!! It is just mean to make someone feel terrible for reaching out. On a forum. That is supposed to be for support.

This isn’t an attack on Able, Thomas, so do not fear! It is just a request for kinder delivery of what he has to say, or asking him to walk away instead of delivering rude replies!
There are just kinder ways (and that doesn’t mean anyone is being childish?!) of delivering answers to posts.

I have no idea what a back massaging Satan has to do with any of this.

But, as the oldage saying goes “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything”. I’m sure you have a similar saying in Swedish.

Some of what Able (or anyone else)has to say, I admit, people may not like to hear (for example, the water fast not being the best idea) but there is no need to get shitty and nasty.

And Thomas, i do know you feel terrible alot of the time. It is evident in your posts. I do hope you feel better soon aswell.

P.S Your ‘Victorian sissies’ had me in fits of laughter, thank you!