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Allira, I hear you and I believe we can settle this thing now. In the end it is like all off us having coloured shades on and debate the colour of the snow. You say red, I say blue and another who is having green eyeglasses on says…no no the colour is green. Are we right? Yes and No! There is no absolute truth. You are right, so is everybody.

I wish you well and hope we move on. We sit in the same boat and its not good to hit each others while struggling for survival in that little lifeboat we have here.
Then I personal (blue eyeglasses) believe that one does not poke a finger in the eye of a veteran member who gives everything here for us when one just joined the forum here.

This behaviour ask for trouble, it would not even work on a working place. You cant start at a new place and start insulting people.

anyhow let have fun together and sing!

row row row the boat….merely merely.

My last post in the matter sister!