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truelyhealthy2012 wrote: I don’t see much discussion regarding using Water fasting as a method for Cleansing on this forum. I bring up this for a couple of reasons. I have had a particularly difficult time with sticking to the long extended period of stage one while working.

In all honesty, a 12 to 14 day water cleanse isn’t going to determine the length of your treatment period. There are far too many possibilities to factor into the equation to allow even a guess as to the length of anyone’s treatment.

My main question is would this be an effective cleanse?

Sure, it would be an effective cleanse. But more to the point, would it benefit your health? What about your weight? It’s far too easy as it is to lose weight on the diet, enough so that at times, extensive weight loss has been the sufferer’s biggest concern.

Could a large portion of the Candida die off during a 14 day water fast?

That depends on the Candida; certainly some will be killed off initially. But with a water fast you’re basically attempting to starve the Candida which may only cause them to go into what is called their “armored spore form.” This form allows them to go dormant, therefore they’ll become dormant for an indefinite period of time. You’ll have to eat eventually, and at that point the Candida will have mutated to the point that it’ll be difficult to imagine what they may be able to feed on, but you can believe that they’ll manage to feed on something, no matter what you’re eating. This is the same principal as simply going on the diet, taking a few antifungals and doing nothing more. Once you stop doing this, the dormant Candida will once again become active.

The diet isn’t meant to kill off the infestation, in fact, as you just saw, this is impossible. There will always be Candida yeast present in the human body whether a Candida infestation is present or not. The goal of our protocol is to lower the numbers of the Candida albicans populaltion while taking the supplements suggested which will eventually prevent the Candida yeast from changing into a fungal pathogen form. So as you see, since starving or killing the Candida with a diet is impossible, there is no logic in this being the goal of a treatment.