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Have to agree with floggi here!

Alot of misleading information about thats why I’m trying to find out how to go about battling my disease

Thomas Joel in my eyes you seem to promote cutlers protocol abit too much if I’m honest (no offence) which makes me have doubts

After reading symptoms of mercury poisoning (the one that are not relayed to candida symptoms) I do honestly believe I have it

I also think if the body is working as it should it will chelate mercury by itself?

Thats why I plan to remove my amalgams then adress the gut and organs because of what Mrs candida said

What could I do to optimise my health in the time being? Diet wise? Supplement wise?

I will try to do exercise and yoga daily

Also going to brainstorm positve thoughts to read each morning and noght because I tend to think badly and it brings me down pretty bad. Today was a better day though 🙂

Would love to hear what Mrs candida has tp say but unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon..

Again I will be very grateful for help in these dark times

I wish you all well and happy fast healing


Edit : interesting information dvjorge although abit mind boggling for me to take in with the fog I was once a very clever individual! And now sometimes get mocked over my ‘slowness’ although I know its not my fault its just very frustrating