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I want to comment about the Mercury issue.

Since I am a long time candida sufferer that have studied this syndrome obsessively, I can tell you I have mentioned the link between chronic candidiasis with Mercury toxicity many times in this an other forums.

What I notice in this forum is who mostly lead it regarding to advice don’t give it too much credit. As a result, many people that should be aware of this don’t get the right orientation, however, they get persistent advice that following a diet and taking supplements they will resolve this syndrome. It isn’t true. We all should be open to advice not only what we think that works but to consider the testimonies of those who have found different avenues in the path to a better health.

I feel sad that Titan never read any of my posts mentioning Mercury as the main hidden cause of Chronic Candidiasis.

What happens is I don’t get support when I post this kind of information with my best intention of helping other. It doesn’t mean that the advice many people give in this forum don’t have value, but they should be able to suggest different options when people deal with it.

The link between Mercury and CRC is seriously mentioned in respected medical books about this topic.

The link between CRC and Mercury is well documented in many incredible testimonies written by sufferers in the web.

It is time to give it the right value. Since many us are here to help, we are responsible for mentioning it.