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[h]And to everyone reading this message; please don’t think for a second that I’m going to allow Titan’s words to sway me from what I now feel is a duty to try and help those who are suffering from a Candida overgrowth the way I did. I have far too many personal messages and emails from those who are grateful for having reached a state of “good” health and being rid of their Candida symptoms while on the diet and protocol to stop now. If this protocol and diet combined can “cure” 1 person out of 100 who has suffered as I did, then I feel that my time on this forum has been worth every negative feedback message I’ve seen in the past two years.[/h]

This is great and a noble cause Able, but I have an observation about it.

You are persistent trying that your diet and supplement suggestion work for every one. You never give people advice that look for another kind of treatment or a different path. You know about the Mercury toxicity linked to candidiasis since you read the information that comes to this forum and probably more sources. However, there are posts from you diminishing the importance of this subject and even claiming that people who may have leaking amalgams can cure CRC following a diet and supplements. Please, don’t tell me this doesn’t have scientific evidence because the diet and supplements don’t have it either. It is all anecdotal.

I do believe a diet and supplements can work in many cases, but there is a moment where it is just to tell those who need orientation, hey, you need to look for underlying causes and mercury is a main one if they aren’t getting the expected results.

It doesn’t matter if you have personal experience or not about the subject but people deserve to know they can look for something else that probably is the reason of the unresponsive candidiasis.

This is the real way to help in my opinion. I have advice a diet and the most unharmed supplement until the most aggressive Rx treatment. What I can not see is people stuck with the same thing for months and months going to nowhere.

We have acquired knowledge and experience to suggest many things or at least to say, I don’t have any other suggestion, but you need to find who may give you a better advice.

We shouldn’t be married with anything when we deal with chronic candidiasis neither should keep telling people continue or hold it more when they may need another treatment.