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I can understand your frustration. Right now I am eating a whole grilled zucchini and having my last lemon drink of the day. I feel tired often and wish I could do more things, but I don’t have the energy. It’s my holidays, but I have done very little. Even today cleaning two rooms in my home felt like a marathon.

This list of foods identified is small and rather tasteless, but I know from my own experience that the foods on The Candida Diet list on the main page exacerbate my Candida symptoms. Able900 has avocado and eggplant on the list and I made candida dips (for the very first time in my life) with those ingredients. I reacted. In truth, I could have perhaps ate too much of the dip. I, like you, have a fast metabolism and I can never seem to get enough food, so I think that I ate too much of a food that is fairly new to me.

Personally, from intense focus on my food intake and my body’s reaction to it, I know that fruit and juice, etc. are too sugary. I know you had the best intentions telling people to drink juice or have some fruit if they feel faint, but I personally am with Able900, et al. on the need to eliminate those things. I have been eating eggs (4 per day) and lots of veg and water. Hopefully, this will be enough to lead me towards eradicating this infestation. But I am looking forward to slowly introducing all all the other foods after the two week cleanse and putting on some much needed weight.

Don’t get impatient with yourself and others. I strongly believe that this condition makes people annoyed easily and temperamental based on my own experience. I know that I myself became overwhelmed with the information here at first, but just like the diet, it’s one day at a time trying to make your way through a maze of information.