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raster wrote: For instance timmy awhile back had a bad dermatitis problem and thought it was related to candida. In reality his body had an inflammation problem (maybe due to the candida, maybe due to other reasons) and so once he went to a naturopathic doctor and started an anti-inflammatory diet, new supplements…he was cured. He hasn’t been on the forum since!

Actually, Timmy knew had Seborrheic dermatitis when he came on the forum. SD is almost always accompanied by immunodeficiency syndrome. The symptoms of SD are somewhat similar to that of a Candida infestation as it is also a fungal infection, but as you can imagine, because of the immunodeficiency syndrome it’s much more difficult to heal. In fact, many medical studies claim that Seborrheic dermatitis is incurable.

After three weeks on our diet, Timmy wrote, “I have been on the diet for 3 whole weeks now and my energy is back.” However, Timmy’s symptoms did not disappear which I imagine is why he finally left the forum.