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Happy new year Jorge!

I am thankful for your concern and I enjoy your critical pointers every time you write. I love to learn and I see you have too a lot of knowledge to share with us.
Every time I finish readying your posts with a whow, that guy knows a lot and I try to learn from you BUT every time I am lost too.

In a wired way I have the feeling that you check out the enemy and the battle, tell us how the enemy is, how powerfull and that we need to be smart….Good! But then the post from you is finished and one is lost in the dark what to do next.

You say that its important to hold to our diet and at the same time you say no to it. But you don’t show us what you consider a healthier diet could be. You tell us that we cant beat the candida with the diet. But you dont tell us how to beat it.

You told us about the danger of mercury toxins and I believe you have a point. You even pointed out that it could be fruitless to fight candida before I get the amalgam out of my mouth. I believe you but what can I do. I have no money for that.
Shall I throw down my weapons or shoot myself because I am to poor to correct the mistake the doctors did to me when they put poison in my mouth?

What I would wish in the future is to see the same critical info from you, yes! But then dont finish the post and continue how to tackle the problem you just analysed.

Happy new year!