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I just thought I’d add my two cents:

If you feel that things are not improving after 2 weeks, 2 months, or 6 months on the diet, I recommend contacting or finding a naturopathic doctor that will help heal you. Maybe you have something related to candida but is completely different such as cancer, adrenal fatigue, iron deficiency, de-mineralization problem, specific organs being damaged, etc. Many of these problems can be addressed by using different supplements, homeopathic medicines, etc.

For instance timmy awhile back had a bad dermatitis problem and thought it was related to candida. In reality his body had an inflammation problem (maybe due to the candida, maybe due to other reasons) and so once he went to a naturopathic doctor and started an anti-inflammatory diet, new supplements…he was cured. He hasn’t been on the forum since!

I personally feel that we all have our own version of candida that is caused by a variety of problems that are similar but completely variable.