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Vegan Catlady
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“An experiment done by one university showed the effects of the emotional state on how the body responds to cholesterol. Four actors were hired to play two couples who had been close friends for years. They were getting together to share a meal (pizza) and talk about fond memories. A blood sample was taken prior to the meal, and another sample after the meal. The blood (after the meal) was then tested for cholesterol. Granted, it was there, but later, when tested again, it had “disappeared.” Something in the blood had broken it down.

The experiment was repeated, but this time each person was to act as if they were almost mortal enemies, and anger and resentment permeated the meal. The same amounts of pizza were then consumed by each person, complete with the same precisely measured amount of cheese. This time, the cholesterol did not dissipate within the blood sample. Remember, the only variable was the state of mind, yet the cholesterol (lipid) in the blood was measurably affected.

It becomes evident then that to really be healthy and do the best we can, we have to take into account beliefs and mental attitude concerning food.”

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I purposefully left out all the newest info that sounded too new-agey for people to get into,even if it is supported by a science-based outlet and audience. I figured those that are interested have already seen
What The Bleep Do We Know?