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Hello, Thomas.

Quote: “On my bottle of capsules is written: one capsules Molybden 1000 ug what does that mean? How much mcg is that? And can I go up to 3 pills too or is my capsule already too strong?”

Reply: One ug is the same as our microgram (mcg), which means your pill contains 4 times as much as ours does. If it’s possible, I would split (or break) the pill in half and take a half in the morning and the other half in the evening.

Quote: “Same question for my D3 vitamin it says here 50ug 1000 % MDR (2000 IE) per capsule.”

Reply: The ones I see most often contain 5000 IU (same as IE) which is a lot more than the MDR, so one or two of yours should be fine.

Quote: “Able, sorry to bother you with that, I googled around but didnt find any help.”

Reply: No worries, Thomas, that’s why we’re on the forum.