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Should we be taking the pro-biotic and anti-candida supplements simultaneously?

My mother back in the States sent me a package of vitamins and such (I have not started taking any of them), two of which were Candidase (by Enzymedica) and Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotic Formula (by Garden of Life).

The instructions she passed on to me were:
– Candidase (anti candida enzyme): 1 before bed at least 1 hour after food, 6 days a week (take til bottle is empty)
– Probiotic with lactobaccillus acidophilus: begin taking after Candidase is gone; 1 before bed

Does this make sense? I haven’t been eating anything with probiotics since starting the diet (haven’t reintroduced dairy yet so no yogurt, yet to find kim chi that doesn’t have a ton of crap added, etc. etc.). I’ve been on the diet for almost five weeks (strictly for 4 weeks, very strictly for 2 weeks)… I have to imagine my tummy could use some probiotics by now, so I feel like I should be taking these now…

(Additional information: as I’m still suffering from my old eczema symptoms–although they seem to slowly be getting better–as well as my newly acquired die-off(?) symptoms–headaches, dizziness, low energy/strength/endurance, I feel like I’m a ways away from hitting stage two).