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Able. One thing about your claims against Cellulase enzymes does not make sense to me, could you please explain further?

The Candidase has had positive effect on our daughter’s rashes. They have gotten much less angry red, she seems to be healing better. After nearly a week of using it she is actually improving (slowly). We were encouraged that something actually works. The probiotics/fire bark tree tea/ diet changes have all had almost no impact.

Since the Candidase is taken two+ hours after eating, the fiber from the meal should have moved down in the gut, and the enzymes should have a chance to work directly against the Candida. Any sugars produced by the breakup of Candida should be viwed as a positive thing, as no matter what happens, to kill them or break them up, sugars will be produced. Once released the Candida should eat up only what sugar is not used by the body, therefore the Candida will not be better off than they were before the Candidase was taken.

I can see the possibility for error in taking enzymes at the wrong time, but I would have to assume here that Candidase has its proper place in fighting Candida. It might not be the most important thing, but if done properly it does seem beneficial.