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After doing some research I recently did a vitamin c flush, I figured it was the best thing for relieving constipation after I tried all the other remedies on here which have worked in the past, but not in the last few days. It’s been 2 days since the flush, and I won’t get into details but it was evident that yeast was present. I did feel lighter and better initially but it didn’t last long the next morning instead of being severely constipated I was the exact opposite and still have horrible die-off too.

Are you using all of the precautions available against die-off?

I’m taking quite a lot of vitamin C

How many mg’s are you taking in 24 hours?

but I feel it’s making me feel better even though I have die-off. Is there any food I can eat that will help regain some form to my stool and stop frequent washroom trips! I’m returning to work tomorrow.

You don’t need to eat specific foods to stop your diarrhea, just stop taking so many vitamin C. Cut the amount down to 1000 mg a day and let us know whether or not that works. It may take a day or more for all of the VC to be removed from your intestines.