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Ruth123: I agree about that milk thistle. I’ll stop using it and get another. I couldn’t get hold of the Molybdenum either. For the time being, I’m going to get some nettle, chamomile or rosehip tea – any objections with these?

Able900: I’m actually questioning olive oil in my diet. After that flare up. I felt worse in a negative rather than a positive way. Looking at the nutrition info, it’s very high in fat. I’m working some stuff out at the moment, but currently I want to keep all fat out of my diet, and have a tiny bit of natural sugar if feeling ‘jittery’.

I’ve recently been feeling on and off, but generally better emotionally and with a change in physical symptoms. I’ve had worse diarroeah (and mucousy), and have been jittery. My diet for the last couple of days has been:

– steamed: spinach / cauliflower / brocolli / cabbage / asparagus / lemon / water / milk thistle (will change brand) / 1/4 banana a day (if feeling light headed)

In the past, I’ve gone through this phase to feeling very positive and motivated. I didn’t have an understanding of what the problem could be though, I just knew it was food related, so I slipped back into it easily. I got there by having lots of steamed veggies and raw veggie smoothies, sauerkraut (I believe), and exercising. There could have been more but I didn’t keep a strict diary.

After the inital stages of diarroeah, my lower back area felt very clear and most of my other physical and emotional symptoms started clearing too. Though I soon felt quite weak and had a lot of excess gas, which could have partly caused me to change diet again ..but obviously not the correct way.

I’m going to spend a few days on the above diet, add the herbal tea for detoxing, and see how it goes. If anyone questions or recommends anything, please mention it. Thanks