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Vinci wrote: Able: What is the reason for limiting eggs on the detox phase. Is it because there may be toxins present or because of something else? Thanks

Hello, Vinci.
No matter what precautions you or the farmer take, an egg is still an animal product, and any animal product will likely contain toxins and/or at least one strain of unwanted bacteria.
The goal of a cleanse is to remove as many negative substances from the body as possible, and eating any food that has a possibility of adding any of these is not beneficial to the cleanse. This is why the cleanse on the forum reads, “If you feel that you must have some form of protein to get through your work day, eat one organic egg a day.”
You can of course have all the eggs you want once you’re on the diet, but the purpose of the cleanse is to remove as many toxins as possible and to avoid adding to the number.