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Able900 wrote: If you think you have liver problems already, you certainly don’t want the aldehyde toxins expelled by the Candida settling in your liver. I would suggest, for your own safety. that you not start the cleanse until you’ve been taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate for three straight days prior to starting the cleanse or the diet.

I’ve been in and out of similar detoxes for quite a while. It usually results with a niggling pain in my very lower back area*, especially exaggerated after eating nuts. I’m making an educated guess that I may have liver problems, due to my past lifestyle and problems. I’m not sure. I drink gallons of water during it too.

I’ve been eating only raw vegetables for the last couple of days, and I feel I need to carry it on as I don’t know of many things that I can eat which make me feel good. I’m ordering some milk thistle online now: Would this be enough or would you also recommend Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate (any specific brand?)? I could pop into my small local health store tomorrow and pick something up if it’s not too rare to find might be wiser to pick the milk thistle up there.

– From the vegetable list, was it only green vegetables, or any vegetable off of that list?

– Do you recommend drinking white tea (herbal) during the detox phase?

*Edit: or perhaps the lower back area would symbolise the kidneys. I’m not sure.