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After giving it some thought, I believe the reason why my experience on the diet is more intense is because of my weight.

The main symptom that got me motivated to deal with my candida was uncontrollable weight gain. In the beginning of this process I was carrying around approximately 70 lbs. of fat. I’m thinking the reason why my body was storing so much fat may point to the amount of toxins it was dealing with. I’ve always read that the body stores toxins in it’s fat. I believe this because I was eating 1200 calories a day for months and did a couple of doctor assisted weight programs, and was unable to lose weight.

I started the diet in May of 2012, and didn’t really see much weight loss until December. Between the months of December- February I lost 50 lbs. Eating the exact same diet all along. There’s no other explanation for my weight loss other then healing of my gut, and killing candida.

I’d love to hear from others who have had the symptom of weight gain as opposed to weight loss. Do you think you may have had more die off then most?