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If you do the strict forum diet and try out the protocol, you should likely get over die-off in 2-4 weeks. Some people get perpetual never ending die-off because they feed the candida over and over again and don’t support their liver.

I must respectfully add that this was not my experience. I’d been purposely not commenting on this thread because I didn’t want to scare the poster any further. I have followed the forums protocol since last May. I cheated in December of last year. Other then that I have not cheated on the diet. (except two days ago while sick with the flue I had puffed rice almond milk and some delivered thai soup) I have been sick with die off or general lack of energy and feeling yuckie since May.

I have supported my liver, started with a cleanse, take milk thistle, and chelated molybedenium. I go to acupuncture regularly and drink lots of water.

I’m not stopping my treatment because I feel it’s helping me. Somedays I get flashes of what it might feel like to be a healthy happy person. I’m not ruling out an underlining condition. I have seen over 25 doctors since my body started failing me almost 20 years ago, and not one of them mentioned yeast or candida.

I think it’s possible for this to take much longer then 2-4 weeks.