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raster wrote: Hello tatty,

I am sorry to hear about all of your health problems. People with strep throat, allergies, and the use of antibiotics all point to a candida overgrowth problem. That is why you are feeling so ill right now and for so long. You haven’t addressed the cause of the health problems…but just the symptoms.

The diet you are doing sounds perfect more or less; I would only consider the supplements you should buy at the store. This will really be half the battle in getting better.

If you can make homemade kefir; this could save you a lot of money or purchasing probiotics (which are expensive). You can purchase a kefir starting kit and just add goat or cow’s milk plus some sugar, and it will grow over and over continuously forever. Antibiotics stand for against life while probiotics stand for pro life. This will be one of the most important things you will need for your recovery. Add this in about 2 weeks into the diet.

We can get into other’s in time, but for now just focus on getting better and taking life a day at a time. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. There is a lot of information out there, but you have found a good place to start and for good information.


hey, i mentioned it above but i thank you too for the time and effort you spend here. and the fact that you are spairing some for me means alot, thank you so much.

i actually used probiotics before, whe ni saw the naturopath months ago. but i was absolutely not on a yeast free diet. i remember the diet he had me on actually had recipies with a type of powdered yeast as the base of sauces. i was takign a bunch of supplements acutally..but that was when i had the crazy bloating and i thought it was because of the probiotics and everything else, so i stopped. obviously now signs are pointing towards a candida reaction. being that it was 6 months ago now i know the probiotics are expired..i will pick up more. but i also ahve a bunch of other supplements, some i ahvent even opened and am wondering if they could also be helpful aand if not, if you could let me know what i am missing that is beneficial?

so im taking coconut oil with oregano oil.
one drop of the oregano. is this dose suitable?
i also have grapefruit seed extract but i had this from before. should i start using this aswell or just use the bitters im picking up tomorrow?

here is the supplements the naturopath gave me. there is alot. cost me like 500 bucks at the time! not to say that means im anxious to stuff them down my throat willing to take it as a loss rather then take something that is not gonna help me. if you or able are unfamiliar with these just let me know. if you are interested i can give you ingredients. actually ile just list the ingredients anyway
so i have:

progressive multivitamin for active men
vitamin c

MEDIHERB andrographis Complex
andographis paniculata
ocimum tenuiflorum herb dry
echinacea root dry
echnacea angustifolia root tryocimum tenuilorum leaf oil

THORNE toxic relief booster

contains ingredients derived from i guess not.

THORNE solvent remover

alpha-lipoic acid

he also gave me THORNE MEDI-BULK

i never even opened this stuff

has pysillium husk powder
prune powder
and pectin

so im guessing a definately NOT there…


wow. alot of going to try and find a link online, unless you guys are aware of this stuff.

anyway again, thank you so much for your input, i really appreciate your time and input.