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raster wrote: Well, inflammation in the intestines can lead to inflammation in the brain and elsewehere; so if you can heal the intestines, then this could heal the rest of your body as well.

One great supplement for inflammation is cod liver oil. I take one that is called fermented cod liver oil and it has probiotic properties. You might want to consider cod liver oil; one problem according to able is that it can lead to vitamin a or d deficiencies.

I know that thorne has really good vitamins/supplements; however their best one for fighting candida is the SF722 undecenoic acid. This is a strong anti-fungal that will be very effective over a prolonged period of time. I would not take the one with the psyllium husks because this can cause internal bleeding.

The oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract are perfect antifungals to use. However, you should start using them after 2 weeks on the diet (not the cleanse). I would consider starting probiotics and molybdenum before that time. I would get maybe a 30 billion probiotic at first and then work your way up to 50 and then 80 billion in time.

Dr. Mcoomb’s has great information about candida if you have time to listen. He may answer many of the questions you have about candida. However, he has his own plan that requires buying his supplements and he allows fruit…so don’t buy into his plan. The information he has is very good though.

I would consider taking the toxic relief booster during the cleanse, this looks like a good product. It has bioflavanoids which are very effective in treating candida and ailments.

I wouldn’t take the solvent remover unless you were once a painter or in similar industry that required being around toxic chemicals/fumes.

You might want to consider the medibulk for phase 2 just because of the psyllium husks and how they can be harmful when you are at your most vulnerable. However, the rest of the ingredients seem fine. Apple pectin can help treat candida.

The mediclear looks like an OK product but it contains rice and soy like you said. These amounts might be very low or minute, so this is a borderline thing to consider taking.

There are supplements you can take that will help drain the spinal fluid in your back, but I don’t want to recommend any since I am not a doctor.

This is all for now, I will get you more information as time progress’s. Check out Able’s posts on pages 2-3.


thank you! i will pick up a probiotic tomorrow and start taking them, as well as the toxic relief. i just finished one week of the clense. i wouldnt really say i feel better, but i am going into stage 1 of the diet simply because of the amount of weight i am losing, i feel it cant be healthy.
i appreciate the advice!