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Lauren wrote: I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts on Venison meat since it is lean. Some of my family members are hunters and process their own meat so there is nothing added to it. I am assuming Able will say that chicken, fish, and eggs are a better choice. But I do eat turkey, bison, and lamb to change up the meat. Even though it is not on the strict diet. 🙁 I just love variety in my meat. Can’t candida start to survive on anything? Would it be better to change up the meat as long as it lean? Is it how long the meat takes to digest that is the main concern? Just curious.
Thank you for any responses,

If your going to eat red meat I think venison is a good choice. Howevever I wouldn’t eat it more than once a week and stick to fowl or fish more often. It’s been very hard for me to stay away from meat. I am use to having meat in some form in all my meals. Stick with the diet as he’s you can and you will be able to eat meat more often in no time.