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“For protein, I like hemp protein powder. I mix a couple tablespoons to some water. I use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70. I really love the taste, but some people think it’s funky. You can also add it to green smoothies and pancakes or bread. I also like their hemp hearts. I think they taste similar to sunflower seeds. You can add them to salads or cereal.

I use spirulina in my green smoothies, or sometimes I’ll just mix it with ACV and water, which takes some choking down.

What really satiates me is fat, especially avocados. I add avocados to just about everything, from green smoothies, to pureed soups, veggie wraps, salads and as a dip (in the form of guac) for veggies. It sounds weird, but I even slather my buckwheat pancakes with pureed avocado. I find that buckwheat pancakes and avocados keep me full for hours. And I love the way they taste together. My hubbie’s favorite way of eating avocados is scooping them straight from skin and eating it with a spoon, with just a sprinkle of sea salt and lemon juice.”

(How do you do the quote-y thing by the way?) : )

When I first started this diet, I was extremely concerned about protein. I was regularly running marathons, and doing long-distance triathlons. I couldn’t imagine doing a vegan candida diet and getting enough protein. I’m taking a break from running/cycling, so my protein needs are much lower, but I’ve been on this diet for about 1 1/2 months, and do not feel that my diet is lacking. I have enough energy for gardening, occasional light hiking, etc. When I first started, I was having some rinsed nuts, quinoa, etc, but have since stopped all of that and been following the forum’s strict diet.

I agree with barnmouse too on protein powder. I love to make a lazy smoothie by combining 1/4 cup protein powder (I use the manitoba fiber plus one), 2 tsp spirulina, 1/2 tsp ginger and stevia to taste. I’ve been having this most mornings as a breakfast, or a quick snack. I also add hemp seeds (a compete protein) into cereals, breads and snacks. It’s very expensive, but so is steak, beer, coffee, and lots of other things we’re saving money by not buying : )

To me, sautéed kale makes a very satisfying breakfast and has a nice meaty texture. It is a good source of protein also. Roasted seaweed snacks are also quick, easy, and satisfying.

If you are eating a large variety of produce, this will help with protein and amino acids levels.