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What everyone else said, heh. I actually have gone un-vegan for this diet, because I realized just how much better I felt eating eggs sometimes (and yogurt/dairy kefir). It sucks, because I love animals, but my body is just really, really unhappy when I’m vegan 🙁 I feel I can be a better ARA when I am healthy and have the energy to speak up for animals, rather than being 100% vegan and being stuck in bed. It was a very, very hard decision and I lost some friends over it.

Re: Lynn’s reply – Pumpkin seeds are not on the diet, and I definitely felt better when I stopped eating them.

I do hemp protein, eggs from my friend’s farm, kale, etc. for protein. I like to put the hemp powder in my cereal in the morning.

Also, hemp seeds and buckwheat groats taste amazing toasted in a frying pan with a little olive oil until they get crunchy. You can add seasoning too, and it’s so good!