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One thing I think needs to be taken into consideration (tea-drinking cultures know this best)is that tea (fermented or not,black,white,green,herbal,ect)has many other constituents that help the body to metabolize it in a way that does not cause adverse affects.

So the stimulation part will happen with green/black/white teas, but I doubt there would be the same accumulatory issues that happen with coffee drinkers.
I drink coffee too sometimes. A well-filtering system handles the caffeine fine.

I dont avoid caffeine. I dont take it into consideration at all. Its not a factor, but in your case I would tell you that almost all the teas I have at home make it a point to tell you how much caffeine is in each cup.

I’m glad you said that about caffeine because I don’t think it necessary affects me that bad at times. Actually, sometimes, just a trace amount helps my nausea, lol. Mainly I just have to watch drinking too much tea, depending on ingredients, or coffee because of acid reflux, which I will always partly have due to my gastroparesis.

I just don’t like to do caffeine all the time, and I have found I don’t necessary need it all the time. I have noticed that all the teas I have point out the caffeine content, too.

My unique perspective here is that I dont want to supplement with anything that isnt close to natural or what i would take as a food, as much as possible. My only exceptions are occasional doses of vitamin C,biotin, and when they arrive in the mail…my tinctures for endocrine and adrenal glands.

Yes, I am trying to realize now that if I drink some kind of tea in the morning or something, that I don’t need my other adrenal supports at the time because the tea is stimulating enough. Mainly, I am finding that I probably need it more mid-morning of lunch time (depending on the day, and if I am drinking only water) to get me through the rest of the day. If I do, then I am probably doing too much stimulation for my body, and then yes, anxiety increases.

Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings has been a real treat.
It contains Eleuthero (siberian ginseng) which is an adaptogen for the adrenals- meaning, it does what the body needs for balancing, instead of what “I” think the body needs.
It has antifungals such as cinnamon and lemongrass,chamomile and ginger,catnip and a few B vitamins. Licorice for the adrenals. This tea was clearly created to repair the adrenals-
which is something most people need. Adrenal fatigue can actually cause candida, cause hormone disruption, and sleep problems among other things.

I remember getting this tea one time, and if I remember correctly, it did make me feel pretty good!

I have a sensitive system, herbs that are strong like Kava and Valerian are great but used for crisis only.

I agree with this statement. I hardly drink these, except in crisis modes, too. I notice I want a sleepytime tea or something else, if I had an especially stressful day, know I am worked up, and will not be able to sleep with my regular supplements that help me sleep.

When I purchase tea, the single greatest consideration I care about is whether its organic or not and yogi and tazo teas are not organic. Tazo also contains “natural flavors” which could be just about anything including aspartame or MSG. So I would be careful with anything that says “natural flavors” because this isn’t needed in teas imho.

I hate the taste of Traditional Medicinals, but the formulas are nice.
I simply cannot afford all organic, especially with a family. I agree its preferred, in a perfect world.
Too bad it isnt a law.

Raster, yes, I try to study my teas anymore that I purchase wondering about certain tad ingredients that might leak in there. I have seen Traditional Medicinals tea is the most pure, and I read an article, think foodbabe, about watching the ingredients in your tea. Yes, probably preferred, but as Catlady pointed out; I can’t afford organic everything either. I already have pretty much changed to buying more organic because I know I can tell a difference in my gi symptoms if I don’t.

For example, I noticed a difference between these 2 types of lunch meat that I buy at my local co-op. I think I have found that I am react to carrageenan. I didn’t put the 2 together until I started eating more seaweed, too. Maybe I can possibly eat some more again later, and I have some veggie-type lasagna in my freezer with it to try it out at times, but it is a test item for me now, depending on symptoms.

Applegate turkey = Ingredients: Turkey Breast, Water. Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Salt, Carrageenan (From Seaweed).

Organic Prairie Turkey Slices = Ingredients: Organic turkey breast, water, sea salt
That is it! So much better!!!!

Just most the time, I can get deals on yogi teas. They are usually on sale at my co-op, and then I am able to get coupons from the boxes at times, so that makes it more affordable.

I can’t pass up the sale of buying 2/$7, and then have a $2 coupon compared to buying 1 tea box for 5 or 6 bucks.

Thanks for all the advice you two. I think if I remember right, raster, you posted something before about all the ingredients in teas before. I am going to look for it right now. =)