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Vegan Catlady
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I appreciate your kind words 🙂 it made my day

Im a tea freak. I just counted 32 boxes of tea on my shelf, not including the loose leaf,lol.

One thing I think needs to be taken into consideration (tea-drinking cultures know this best)is that tea (fermented or not,black,white,green,herbal,ect)has many other constituents that help the body to metabolize it in a way that does not cause adverse affects.

So the stimulation part will happen with green/black/white teas, but I doubt there would be the same accumulatory issues that happen with coffee drinkers.
I drink coffee too sometimes. A well-filtering system handles the caffeine fine.

I dont avoid caffeine. I dont take it into consideration at all. Its not a factor, but in your case I would tell you that almost all the teas I have at home make it a point to tell you how much caffeine is in each cup.

There have been lots of studies done on tea and tea-extracts.
The teas I drink the most are the ones that are gentle in effect so that I can do quantity over quality.

Green teas, white teas and teas with lemongrass are the ones I favor most.

My unique perspective here is that I dont want to supplement with anything that isnt close to natural or what i would take as a food, as much as possible. My only exceptions are occasional doses of vitamin C,biotin, and when they arrive in the mail…my tinctures for endocrine and adrenal glands.

So this decides what I drink, what I know will offer my body the greatest benefit to heal itself, instead of my intellect doing the healing. I say this so that anyone reading understands what my choices are guided by.

Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings has been a real treat.
It contains Eleuthero (siberian ginseng) which is an adaptogen for the adrenals- meaning, it does what the body needs for balancing, instead of what “I” think the body needs.
It has antifungals such as cinnamon and lemongrass,chamomile and ginger,catnip and a few B vitamins. Licorice for the adrenals. This tea was clearly created to repair the adrenals-
which is something most people need. Adrenal fatigue can actually cause candida, cause hormone disruption, and sleep problems among other things.

Other teas with Eleuthero are Celestial Seasonings “Antioxidant Green tea” and “Honey Lemon Ginseng”. Both have antifungal and adrenal-supporting herbs.

Yogi Teas are pretty awesome too.
I do all the detox versions. The Skin Detox is especially good for candida.
They have a GreenteaSuper Antioxidant that has grapeseed extract which candida hates, and kidney/liver/adrenal supporting/detoxing herbs.
Yogi Chai Rooibos is full of candida fighting spices.
Yogi Moon Cycle makes sure my kidneys are filtering well, supports the immune system, and balances the endocrine system…with the addition of candida-fighting spices.
Yogi Egyptian Licorice has all the candida-fighting spices while supporting the adrenals as well.

The best tasting teas are the Tazo Teas.
My fave is Wild Sweet Orange. I will add this teabag to any of my detox teas that are less tasty,or make a nice iced tea out of it. It has candida-fighting lemongrass and ginger, antioxidants like hibiscus ( says ridiculously great things about hibiscus!),and licorice for the adrenals.
Tazo Green Ginger has various green teas, ginger,lemongrass, and pear flavor.

On my thread in the Experiences-part of the forum, I give links to why I drink green tea everyday. Its great for candida-sufferers, I encourage a look-see at that.

I know some of these teas with greentea have caffeine.
I have a theory why some of us can actually have some caffeine without ill effect.

I did decaf everything in the beginning, and didnt notice a measurable relief in it, so I reintroduces caffeine with coffee, so that I could feel my reaction and look for patterns.
I didnt see any.

I think some of us have a diet that allows for a faster metabolizing of caffeine and/or blood sugar.

I know that there is a theory that sugars in the blood that are not impeded by fat are used faster. That seems to be my experience, but others are allowed their own opinion.

As far as the Bedtime teas, I like the Sleepytime Green because it has gentle antifungals and no caffeine for the kids,but im not a fan of Kava or herbs that make me aggressively sleepy.
I have a sensitive system, herbs that are strong like Kava and Valerian are great but used for crisis only.

I can only speak from my experiences, even if they conflict with outside evidence.
Listening to your own body has to be considered beyond any advice.
No one knows better what agrees with you than you.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts-
I enjoy feedback !