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theresa49638 wrote: Can I have vanilla? I got Greek yogurt and hate the taste can I add vanilla to it?

Sounds like a great idea to liven up the yogurt, Theresa (a little of Stevia or Truvia wouldn’t hurt either).

I’ve not seen a vanilla extract that didn’t contain alcohol, so we use real vanilla beans called Madagascar Vanilla Beans by McCormick. A typical bean is about eight inches long, and there are different reports as far as how much of a bean equals one teaspoon. Anywhere from 1 inch to the entire bean is reported. I generally use the entire vanilla bean for one teaspoon of vanilla flavoring, but then I like a lot of flavoring if it’s vanilla. If you’ve never used a vanilla bean, just slice off the amount off that you wish to use; then use a small sharp knife to slice the bean down the side. Open it up and scrape the seeds out.