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What you have isn’t something that can be corrected with a web protocol. It isn’t a diet and natural antifungal substance matter. You are too young to be suffering, and you will have to find the way to get medical assistance in order to cure it. You are going to need Fluconazole or Itraconazole for 4 or 6 months, and you need to check your liver enzymes every month. If the infection respond to a single therapy, you will be right, if not, you may need to add Terbinafine to get a synergistic effect with one of those azoles. There aren’t home remedies to cure an intracellular candidiasis. I don’t want you end like many women diagnosed with Chronic Vulvodinia and condemned to suffer all your life because the mainstream medicine ignorance.
If the infection is what I told you, it won’t respond to anything topical. ( Neither Rx nor home remedies).
That intracellular candidiasis only respond to a long term systemic Rx drug treatment !
I have advised many women that are cured or in the process to be cured.
If it is burning, redness, and inflammation without vaginal discharges and itching, most probably it is this. !
You will be advised to try ACV, Sodium Bicarbonate, garlic suppositories, Boric Acid, Methilene Blue, Gentian Violet, Iodine Solution, Yogurt, Probiotics, and more !!

Nothing like that will correct an intracellular candidiasis, no because I say that, if not because many of the women I have been in contact with that kind of infection, have tried all !! So, I know it first hand !!!

Hope this help !