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ZoePhoenix wrote: I’ve been dealing with this for a pretty long time. It’s actually what lead me to this site because my gyno told me I needed to cut out all carbs and sugar but didn’t really give me any guidelines. So after some searching I found this forum. I started doing this diet a few months ago but I was making mistakes along the way. Some of the things I was still eating were brown rice, almonds/almond butter, red meat very occasionally (I never really liked it even before the diet). But despite all that my symptoms improved. My discomfort got so much better that most days I hardly noticed it. Recently though the symptoms started coming back. I realized that I needed to do this diet 100 percent if I wanted to get better so that’s what I’m starting now. I’ve looked at the forums allowed food list and I’m pretty sure I’ve cut every bad food out. What I really wanted to know is if there are any things that can help with my symptoms down there. My problems are irritation/burning (which can be worse after I pee but it doesn’t burn when I go or anything), some redness, itching sometimes. I also noticed I feel the need to pee pretty often but that could partly be because I drink a lot of water. Also I don’t have discharge. These things have seemed to have gotten a little worse since I cut the bad things out of my diet but I think it could be because of die off because I’ve also been having diarrhea and headaches. I know that the diet, probiotics, and antifungals are whats going to cure me in the long run but I would really like to know if what things could help relieve my symptoms during all this. This has been really getting to me lately. I mean I’m 18 I should be going out and having fun and I want to start college. But right now the irritated feeling I have is all I can focus on most of the time and it makes me not want to do anything. Sorry if this has been a little rambly or repetitive. It’s late and I’m tired but I felt like I had to get this all out and find some help. So please anyone who thinks they can help me I’d love to hear from you.


I am going to help you to end with that nightmare.!
I am a man that has a daughter, and know your suffering.
Please, read carefully what I am going to explain you because you need to know this.

First, and the most important, MDs don’t know what is affecting you and offer NO help. Believe it or not, I have guided a lot of women, even in the Vulvodinia support forum, to find the right path to eliminate this problem.

What you describe in your post is a Chronic Atrophic Erythomatous Candidiasis. This is a low grade intracellular residual infection that occur after an active acute pseudomembranous candidiasis. It is called the red form of candida because the infestation don’t produce severe itching and white vaginal secretions. Instead, the main symptoms are vulvar inflammation, redness, and a constant or intermittent burning sensation.
What does it mean ?? It means after an active yeast infection, yeast cells found the way to go deeper in the tissues and penetrate the ephitelial cells. Inside the cells, they keep generating toxic wastes and chemical by products that cause tissue irritation and inflammation. Local creams and other topical antifungal can not penetrate deep in the affected areas and aren’t effective. Also, vaginal swabs give negative results because the pathogen is inside the cells.
The treatment to this condition is long term systemic antifungal drugs. Since current oral antifungals are Fungistatic, you need them for enough time that allow the drug to reach enough blood concentration to inhibit the fungus and allow your immune system to eradicate the infection.
You have to evaluate your case yourself , and see if my description match your symptoms. If so, you need to find a Dr that prescribes you long term antifungal therapy. You need to explain it to the Dr. If you need assistance and support with your MD, I will contact you with a person that can do it and also guide you during the treatment.