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ZoePhoenix:I too had horrid yeast infections last year that went on and on. I couldn’t stand it. I finally used apple cider vinegar to cure it.

Here is a link that may help start you in your research. I read tons before I did what I did. I didn’t now if it was smart…but I couldn’t stand it any more.
I would take gauze and put it right…well you know where…it would burn like heck…then it would be gone..then it would come back. I kept putting the vinegar on and it would heal it. But internally no. Finally I thought what do I have to lose? I made a douche out of apple cider vinegar and water. I was NOT scientific at all…I think I was at my wits end and going to loose my mind. I clensed and it was amazing how much better I felt. I did it the next day too…don’t know if I needed it or not but by God I was going to get rid of this that was driving me crazy. I can’t remember if I did it again or if that was it…it was gone and done. I kept cleaning my self with the vinegar…using gauze etc. Then it was gone. Such a relief. I couldn’t believe all the money and pain I had gone through to get rid of that and I all I needed was vinegar and water. Hey, I now have oral thrush…when I took antibiotics…So I probably had candida in my whole system and didn’t know. Read before you do anything. I was not scientific, or well researched. Just at my wits end. Best of luck to you.
The pain of the burning vinegar was intense…but I lived and it is gone…well worth the pain. Also took long hot soaks in tub filled with applecider vinegar and hot water…family thought for sure I was nuts…I felt nuts…but was so happy when it was gone 🙂