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I don’t know if my piping in will help at all, but I had really bad hypoglycemia when I started the diet. I even had the wrong diet and eating carrots would send me down in the high to mid 60s right after a meal (within 10 minutes). Then I got the right diet, and realized it was also the candida steeling my food. I then learned to snacked on celery. Eat lots and lots of celery. I don’t know why it helps, but it does. I’ve always had low blood sugar. My dr. looked back and every time they had taken a blood panel it was at 70 – which is normal range, but low. Buckwheat for breakfast helps. So does a bit of steak. I know we should shy away from lots of meat, but it does help hold your blood sugar levels in the morning. Breakfast is imperative for us.

Also – make Raster’s bread recipe posted in the recipe section. A few slices of this a day along with the celery and either buckwheat cereal of oatbran will really help along with your main meals. Also – I know the price adds up, but a couple of avocados seem to help me a lot. Make sure you eat a snack every two to three hours. A little extra meat in the long run is better than rice or fruit or other nasty carbs. I also have O pos. blood and we tend to need more protein in our bodies than what others can get by with. Even a sardine or two for a snack can help hold you with a carb from the diet. HOpe this helps……