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I am curious about the same thing. I have nothing against him and his opinion about amalgams, chelation, candida, etc. All that is valid, and he has the right to think different about any topic.
However, people who visit or join this kind of forums are looking for something. It isn’t a secret I am a long time CRC sufferer since I took an excess of antibiotics during 2008. For this reason, I had to research and learn about an intestinal candidiasis ( by the way, my was intestinal/genital, a classic CRC ) to fight for my health. The forums are places where I have learned and shared my experiences and knowledge about it. It is logic, since I have been linked to it since 2008, I have enough experience and acquired knowledge to advice new people in this battle. It doesn’t mean the forum isn’t valuable for me because I still find information, ideas, advice, and knowledge I use to reach my cure.

I don’t know anything about Floggi. I don’t know if he is sick, if his hobby is to read internet forums and to create controversy, if he is looking for any help, advice, guidance or if he enjoys arguing and contradicting certain topics.

He isn’t obligated to say what are his reasons here, but it could be good to know them.

Anyway, we should keep focused on the battle to overcome CRC and forget about the rest.