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Hi all,
Rotation isn’t a problem if you are sure the antifungals you are going to take are effective against the yeast specie/strain is affecting you. The problem arise when you pick up an antifungal that don’t touch the yeast is affecting you. I wrote a clear example in the other post. It is all to you if you want to take the risk. Regarding to people experience, some will tell you rotation worked because they were lucky choosing effective antifungals. It is a gambling game. The best way, if you don’t have a sensitivity test, is to take multiples antifungals at the same time. In this form, you have a better chance that at least one of them be working. If all are working, better, and you probably have a synergistic effect , and more activity against the fungus. I posted it to alert people about the risk of rotating antifungals.
Decide yourself if you want to rotate or not, but a least you know what may happen.

I forgot, yes, coconut oil has antifungal properties. Lauric Acid and Caprylic Acid are found in coconut oil. Both are antifungal substances.