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This is my first time on the forum. This is my first and only username. Please send me a message with the updated diet information.

The mineral tonic ( has over 77 trace minerals. When I first took it it was accompanied by probiotics and a good diet that ridded me of yeast infections and itching. Now that those are gone I feel liberated beyond words. I also formed better sleeping patterns, had regular bowel movements, and felt more capable of exercise and mental work. During my 3-month trip to Ecuador I stopped taking both the probiotics and the minerals and my digestion has gotten worse. I am back on the minerals, kefir, and considering drinking kombucha more frequently. Also, throughout the last year I have gone through several Doterra GX Assist cleanses, which uses essential oils.

I drink about 1/2 cup of kefir milk throughout the day.

If I did have leaky gut syndrome in the past I believe it was in reaction to the birth control and antibiotics. I think I have leaky gut syndrome more so now than ever. I am almost certain that the Candida has come back but with less bothersome issues.

Thank you for the quick reply, Able.