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Well, I am just a step behind you. Started the strict diet on 22nd June.
However, 20 days later I had to take antibiotics which caused a major setback.
My current improvement is a better digestion + less anxiety. No sleep problems.
I also take only 50mg Zoloft a day. Is it okay not to take it every day, but just a few days in a week ?
My hairloss has slightly diminished.
My main issue are still some abdominal pains /feel them very low in the tummy/ + hemorrhoids. And these two they go completely together for me.
I am waiting for my sf722 + Dr Mercola’s probiotic to arrive from the USA beg. of August.
Meanwhile I take caprylic acid, garlic and NOW Foods Probiotics.
I take lemons, Vit C, lots of water and Milk thisle and chicory roots tea.
I will also start taking Bee Glue and lavender blossom tea + Oregano herb.
Sometimes I take Cinnamon, Curcuma or Nettle Leaf Tea.
I would also be thankful for any advise.
Could that low abdominal pain of mine be related to Candida?