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To help cure your blood sugar woes, I would try to snack more often. I would snack first thing after you wake up, eat breakfast, eat a snack one hour later, eat lunch, eat 2 snacks before dinner, eat dinner, eat 2 snacks before bed. Celery is a good one to help treat your blood sugar. Dr. Mcoombs developed a blood sugar protocol if you want me to send you a link, it basically involves eating more often and not as heavy meals.

phytostan is likely working well on your digestion because its stronger. If you were increase your sf722 doseage to like 3-5 per meal

AF betafood and zypan works really well for me reducing gas. It also costs more money, so you gotta work with your budget.

HMF forte contains more prebiotics vs. hmf neuro. HMF neuro contains more probiotics. HMF neuro is the better product as far as probiotics go (it contains more), and if you ate more prebiotic foods then you could get rid of forte.

Raster, you appear to know a great deal about all these things to take. can you please take just a few mins. to suggest what I should take. I have never heard of sf722, or HMF etc. etc. Can you break it down into categories of what I should take. Today I went to the store and bought another antifungal– olive leaf extract. I am mixing them up… I took black walnut for 30 days along with a ton of other things. I am past the die off stage and in about 25 days with tiny cheating– a bite or something each day but DRASTICALLY have changed my diet. Only the suggested grains, a little meat, a lot of greens–vaired. But I am feeling night and day better than I was the last year. I am a 19 year suffer of candida but I just want to know what I should take. I hate bouncing around. I have cheap l glutamine and glutithione– it has to be the expensive kind eh? Are all the probiotics at whole foods crap?? So I am getting that taking supplements that meet the categories below is important for recovery and I am taking something in each category and mulitiple of some. But I think I need a list form so I can get all that I read straight.. HMF this, metagenics this, s7227 that? It becomes overwhelming. Thanks for your tips on hitting the sauna and going slow through this process. If you can tell me the best few for each of these categories I would be thankful and happy.