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thanks girl yeah i havent had a bad bladder day in over a month ! My symptoms now are more annoying than anything but they no longer keep me in bed all day or stop me from doing anything .

I am really about to try to get stricter with my diet but im not wanting to come off my meds again so i think ill keep the almond butter and berries around .

Im happy to hear u are feeling better also ! I read one of your posts that u have been doing well . I maybe able to get some stamps but a few problems is i have a bank account with money its just well was my savings for my house down payment i already have used some to pay this months rent so its gonna really make a dent if i dont get my unemployment !plus my hubbys bro used my address to get his card and sells it to us im not sure if both of us can get them .

I may or may not try that my hubby buys the food and pays other bills and i pay rent so maybe i could work something out wit him idk though .

Finding a job really should be a breeze as we need nurses aids everywhere my issue is gonna be getting hired at around the same rate ugh.

i also really dont have bad die off anymore i still feel a bit weak and get nausea but nothing like b4 !