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Well it may be true that candida does produce ethyl alcohol. If I remember correctly, it produces alcohol as its feeding (or maybe when its not feeding, not quite sure, one of the two). Maybe, the ethyl alcohol in the tincture just keeps the yeast “out in the open” allowing for the other ingredients to do it’s job (we all know candida likes to go into hiding when battling it with multiple anti fungal agents). I’ve been reading on this forum for a month trying all different sorts of supplements while on a very strict diet (2 eggs in the morning, 1 salad for lunch, and 2 slabs of chicken at night, rotating with turkey and other organic meats), with no relief what so ever. Only 7 days on this “evil” cleansing kit, and my UTI is almost gone, my skin is clearing up and less oily, and no migraines. I had little relief on the anti candida diet for 4+ weeks (with 3+ weeks of Rx). The only noticable different on the diet was that my gut wasn’t exploding anymore. Either way, as I stated, I just wanted to post my experience. I am open for all criticism. When I went to the hospital and got tested, my pH levels were severely abnormal, and the doctors couldn’t even explain why (goes to show how “smart” they really are). I do agree that ridding candida does take time and strict foods. But, when you live in a household of poverty, its simply not a choice for me to not eat what my family eats. Whatever they cook, I eat, case closed. The only thing I can do is not consume sugar. Obviously, the company I ordered my cleaning kit from (which I won’t say any names, other people can figure it out on their own), know what they are doing because their product has helped me and numerous amounts of other people. Of all 120+ reviews, I stumbled upon maybe 6-10 that were discouraging, but I figured I’m open for anything. Also, everyone’s body chemistry is different, obviously. That’s why some treatments work for others, whereas some may not work for me. I am 22 years old, and I weigh 150lbs and I exercise daily. For other people who suffer from candida, may or may not be overweight, they may or may not be active, or they may even be a lot older than I am. Weight, age, and physical activity all play a part in candida. I am still young, my immune system can still stabilize itself, but if I don’t get it under control now, 10 years from now I’ll be 5x worse. Also, I am not offended by your reply, I am only human and can only make assumptions based on other theories and information I have found. Oh, and I am not here to advertise products and miracles. I am just posting my experience! Thanks, and take care!