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Hi Kirsty, I wanted to share that I had just the opposite happen to me. For over six years I have been complaining to my doctors about things that were not normal (for me), constipation, sore throat, fatigue, swelling, weight gain, heavy periods, depression and thirst. Finally, I went to a new doctor about three years ago and she diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease). I was so happy and thought they could fix everything. But they took over a year to get the correct dosage, this is actually recommended. Then most of my symptoms remained just not to the degree they were before. I was frustrated and they told me “You are stuck with this and there is nothing you can do”, when I asked about alternative treatments.

I have also had stomach pains for the past three years that no one could diagnose. I now know this is leaky gut. I have done so much research on my own and finally feel that Candida/Parasites is the cause. Several sites say that Hashimoto’s can be cured or improved and typically is caused by Candida. I am new to the forum and the Candida Diet (week 4) but I am motivated to prove my doctors wrong! I check the blog every day for strength to continue knowing I am on the right path. I hope your thyroid condition improves and therefore your entire well being!