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Your pic didn’t show up – would love to see what you do 🙂

How do you all deal with fatigue? I have been very tired this week, but I am glad that I have my crafts to keep me busy. Here is what I do!

I just hope after a couple months that I can get the bloating and gas under more control, go to the bathroom like a normal person, not be as cranky, and not have as many reactions to food. Plus, it would be nice to feel good at night-time; instead of curled up in the fetal position on the couch, but my gut is changing too, so that is party to blame now. It is going to be a long road.

Also, does anymore recommend something to help my liver/kidneys while I am trying to heal myself? I have been reading different posts about that, and I am wondering if I should. Thanks for all your advice everyone!

My fatigue has just gradually lessened as I’ve stuck extremely strictly to the diet and protocol. My irritability, anxiety, and mood swings have also lessened, so it makes me much better at being patient 😉

My gas and bloating are also under control, more or less, and TMI, but my poop is getting closer to normal (although not there yet).

All of that has happened in about two and a half months of strict diet/protocol, which considering where I was 11 weeks ago, is a FREAKING MIRACLE!

So my advice is to just stick with it and be very strict with your diet and supplements. It will suck for awhile, but then before you know it, it will start to get better. The first 10-14 days are the worst.

In the interim time, I have also just lessened the amount of work and stress in my life as much as possible so that I can focus as much energy as I can on healing. This has been a HUGE help.

Also, YES! You should be protecting your liver and kidneys! Are you taking molybdenum amino acid chelate and milk thistle?